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  • fangu Motor

    fangu Motor

    A mud motor (or drilling motor) is a progressive cavity positive displacement pump (PCPD) placed in the drill string to provide additional power to the bit while drilling. The PCPD pump uses drilling fluid (commonly referred to as drilling mud, or just mud) to create eccentric motion in the power...
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  • Drill Pipe Circulating head

    Drill Pipe Circulating head

    Product Introduction The circulation joint connects the wellhead pipe string and the ground circulation system. After the casing is installed, it is connected with a circulation joint to provide fluid circulation. According to needs, the circulation joint can be connected between the drill pipe ...
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  • Magnetic Fishing

    Magnetic Fishing

    Tool profile: Magnetic fishing is a way to use the magnet magnetic suction salvage fall into the hole during the drilling and workover operations of small tools of iron falling objects. Salvage range mainly includes the fall into the well the bit cone, slip teeth, jaws, steel ball, hand tools, i...
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  • Diamond Reaming Shells

    Diamond Reaming Shells

    Diamond Reaming Shells are important tools to be used together with bits.The main functions are maintaining bore hole gage, improving drill string stability and protecting lower drill string from excessive wear. Helical typr reaming shell provides a good passage foe drilling fluides. The matrix ...
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  • Casing shoes

    Casing shoes

    Most drilling job during opening holes, it will choose casing shoes. We produce the most reliable casing shoes which make the hole-opening more smoothly. We offer quality proven standera casing shoes and heavy casing shoes. You can ensure that users can reach the bedrock with minimal equipment l...
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  • Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

    Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

    The main crown technical paramenters of impregnated diamond core bits include diamond grade,size,concentraion and quality,matrix hardness and crown shapes.The users can make rational selections accroding to the formations to be drilled. To aviod excessive bit wear,tungsten carbide inserts are us...
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  • Single tube diamond drill and reamer

    Single tube diamond drill and reamer

    Our company will seriously treat every customer’s order, we will spare no effort to provide you with preferential price, high quality products. On January 1, 2020, we received an inquiry from the Ukrainian customer for the purchase of single pipe diamond drill bits and reamer. According to ...
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  • Hot Selling for China 5lz197X7.0V Factory Price Downhole Motor

    Hot Selling for China 5lz197X7.0V Factory Price Downhole Motor

    Our improvement depends on the superior equipment, excellent talents and continuously strengthened technology forces for Hot Selling for China 5lz197X7.0V Factory Price Downhole Motor, We are sincerely looking forward to establishing good cooperative relationships with customers from at home and ...
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  • The role of the manifold

    The role of the manifold

    The role of choke manifold: (1) Realize “soft shut-in” through the “diversion” of the choke manifold. (2) The “throttle” function of the throttle valve is used to perform well killing operations. (3) The blowout valve can reduce the wellhead casing pressure and...
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  • Maintenance knowledge of Cummins generator set

    Maintenance knowledge of Cummins generator set

    Diesel generator set is an independent non-continuous operation power generation equipment, its main function is to provide emergency power in the event of a power failure. In fact, most of the time the generator is set in the standby state, the chance of actual use is relatively small, so it lac...
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  • Power section 7LZ120- 7

    Power section 7LZ120- 7

    Power section 7LZ120- 7     The motor assembly purchased by the Russian customer has been completed and is ready to be sent to Russia.     Thank customers for their trust in our company.     Our company is a professional manufacturer of screw drilling tools, engaged in the production, processing...
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  • Drilling Motor

    Drilling Motor

             Drilling motor is a new type of downhole power drilling tool that appeared in the early 1960s. This type of drilling tool has a lower speed than turbodrills, stable working conditions and strong adaptability, so it has been greatly developed . my country introduced this type of drilling ...
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