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  • EN853 1SN Oil resistant high pressure rubber hose

    EN853 1SN Oil resistant high pressure rubber hose

    One layer of high pressure steel wire braided rubber hose EN853 1SN oil resistant high pressure rubber hose Parameter description: Please click the https://www.luqi-tech.com/en-853-1snsae-100r1-hydraulic-hose.html Structure: Synthetic rubber lining, one steel wire woven reinforcement, black synt...
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  • Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing

    Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing

    Radial bearing is the important part of downhole mud motor.  The rotate non-sealed open bearing assembly is a robust and field proven design. We uses a special Tungsten Carbide tile matrix for the radial bearings for maximum protection against radial wear. Axial thrust is managed by a series of f...
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  • Working Principle And Structure of Downhole Motor

    Working Principle And Structure of Downhole Motor

    Working Principle of Downhole Motor The downhole motor is a kind of device that converts the pressure energy of liquid into mechanical energy.When the high-pressure fluid enters the drill, the rotor is forced to roll in the stator. The torque and speed generated by the motor are transmitted throu...
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  • Ball Bearing

    Ball Bearings are ready, thank you very much for your support from Ukraine client.
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  • 7LZ244-4 Power Section Assembly of Downhole Motors

    7LZ244-4 Power Section Assembly of  Downhole Motors are ready, thank you very much for your support from Russia client.
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  • 7LZ210-7 Downhole Motor

    7LZ210-7 Downhole Motor are ready,thank you very much for you support.  
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  • Downhole Motor

    It’s my pleasure to inform you that we have ready downhole motor for export. And we very welcome you to come to China and visit our factory. We hope to be able to work together as a profitable business partner. We would be happy if you wanted to contact us for discussing you project, you c...
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  • Air/Water Hose

    Air/Water Hose

    Air/Water Hose KEY PERFORMANCE EN/DIN and new SAE rated working pressures Appearance:Wrap (I.D less than 25.4mm smooth cover) Colour:Black,red,blue ,yellow,green,gray APPLICATIONS Compressor,mining, quarrying, industrial, construction, shipping, gas stations and other harsh conditions CONTI...
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  • Power section 7LZ105-6.7

    Power section 7LZ105-6.7

    Our company designs, manufactures and supplies premium downhole motor power sections. We produce an extensive range of models that provide outstanding performance in a wide range of drilling applications.  If you need to purchase downhole motor power,please contact me immediately. WhatsApp:+86182...
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  • Drilling Stabilizer

    Drilling Stabilizer

    A drilling stabilizer is a piece of downhole equipment used in the bottom hole assembly (BHA) of a drill string. It mechanically stabilizes the BHA in the borehole in order to avoid unintentional sidetracking, vibrations, and ensure the quality of the hole being drilled. It is composed of a holl...
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  • LQ Downhole Motor

    LQ Downhole Motor

    LQ Downhole Motor The LQ Downhole Motor is a heavy duty motor that is built for extreme durability and maximum torque.  It includes a rugged bearing section that has been engineered to outlast the more challenging drilling operations and aggressive environments.  The power section is capable of p...
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  • How Does Directional Drilling Work?

      Directional drilling has been an integral part of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s. While the technology has improved over the years, the concept of directional drilling remains the same: drilling wells at multiple angles, not just vertically, to better reach and produce oil and g...
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