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Diamond Reaming Shells

Diamond Reaming Shells

Diamond Reaming Shells are important tools to be used together with bits.The main functions are maintaining bore hole gage, improving drill string stability and protecting lower drill string from excessive wear.

Helical typr reaming shell provides a good passage foe drilling fluides. The matrix id wear-proof and the service life is long.

Specifications and categories of Reaming Shells:

Type Category Bit Size(mm)
Reaming Shell Double-tube Reaming shell P56、 P59、 P75、 P76、 P91、 P110、 P130
Single-tube Reaming shell D56、 D59、 D75、D76、 D91、 D110、 D130、 D150、 D171、 D223
Wireline Reaming shell S56、 S59、 S75、 S95、 BC、 NC、 HC、 PC、 T2-76、 T2-86

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