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Drilling motor

 Drilling motor is a new type of downhole power drilling tool that appeared in the early 1960s. This type of drilling tool has a lower speed than turbo drills, stable working conditions and strong adaptability, so it has been greatly developed . my country introduced this type of drilling tool in the 1970s, and then improved and developed it by itself, making it widely used in the vast oil drilling market.

Advantages of using  drilling motor:

(1) Increase drilling speed, shorten cycle, and reduce cost

(2) Reduce drill pipe wear and power transmission loss

(3) Accurately building, orienting, and correcting deviations to improve project quality

(4) Drilling in composite vertical wells, reducing the number of trips

(5) Shorten the drilling cycle and restrain the pollution of oil and gas reservoirs

Structure of Drilling Motor:


Post time: Dec-06-2021