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Drilling Motors

Maximize power output for optimal bit performance 

We leverage 20 years of drilling experience to combine the right torque, speed, and flow capabilities in our positive-displacement mud motors. These motors maximize downhole power output, which enables optimal bit performance and precise well steerability.

Increase ROP without sacrificing reliability or run life

High-Performance Directional-Drilling Motors

Using our proprietary elastomers with our  power sections, our drilling motors can nearly double the operating torque and power output of standard motors. 



Achieve reliable directional-drilling-motor performance

Standard Directional-Drilling Motors Available with a wide selection of speed, torque, and power combinations, our drilling motors provide robust reliability in vertical, horizontal, and directional wells.

Improve performance in any downhole-drilling motor

Power Sections

Built with a proprietary elastomer and a chrome or tungsten-carbide-coated rotor, our power sections enhance performance, even when drilling with aggressive oil-based muds, in high temperatures, or in briny environments.

Tungsten carbide rotor


Post time: Nov-01-2021