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Fire and explosion protection of diesel generators

Causes of fire caused by diesel generators:
Solid surface fire. Over-temperature of power generation equipment, leakage of oil circuit, short circuit of internal circuit.
Electrical fire. Electrical equipment catches fire due to short circuit of power supply lines or other reasons.
Insoluble flammable liquid (diesel) fire. The oil pipeline and container of the oil supply system are damaged in case of leakage or fire. The oil flows to the ground and burns when it comes into contact with high-temperature smoke or open flames.


(1) The diesel supply pipeline shall be equipped with automatic and manual shut-off valves before entering the building and equipment room.
(2) If the oil storage room is set up in the generator room, the storage capacity is not more than 1m³ (note that if it is set outside the generator room, there is no such requirement).
(3) The fuel tank in the oil storage room should be airtight and a vent pipe leading to the outdoors should be provided, and the vent pipe should be provided with a breathing valve with a flame arrestor. The lower part of the fuel tank should be provided with facilities to prevent the dispersion of oil.

(4) Diesel generators should be equipped with fire alarm devices and fire-fighting facilities compatible with the capacity of the diesel generators and the scale of the building. When other parts of the building are equipped with automatic sprinkler systems, the diesel generator room should also be equipped with automatic sprinklers. system. The sprinkler system is installed in the building, which reflects the importance of the building and proves the importance of power supply reliability. Therefore, the safety of diesel generators is also very important. Sprinkler system, not other fire extinguishing systems).

Post time: Aug-25-2020