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Magnetic Fishing

magnetoc fishing

Tool profile:

Magnetic fishing is a way to use the magnet magnetic suction salvage fall into the hole during the drilling and workover operations of small tools of iron falling objects. Salvage range mainly includes the fall into the well the bit cone, slip teeth, jaws, steel ball, hand tools, iron pieces of tubing or casing, such as small falling objects.


The tool using drill down to the pit, downhole small fall by itself with permanent magnet magnetization suck up, so as to achieve effective salvage small fall, purifying the purpose of the bottom hole. Tool has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and reliable performance.

Main technical parameters:

1, length: 3635 mm;

2, centralizer diameter: 105 mm;

3, other parts of the outer diameter: 83 mm;

4, inner size: 16 mm;

5, tensile limit: 400000N

6, sealing pressure: 70 MPa;

7, torsion limit: 3600N.m;

8, magnet suction: 4N/cm2; Cylindrical suction: 10000N;

9, magnets working temperature: ≤160 ℃;

10. joint thread: 23/8-4PAC BxP.

Post time: Mar-09-2021