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Maintenance knowledge of Cummins generator set

Diesel generator set is an independent non-continuous operation power generation equipment, its main function is to provide emergency power in the event of a power failure. In fact, most of the time the generator is set in the standby state, the chance of actual use is relatively small, so it lacks a better test and maintenance method. However, emergency diesel generator set backup power equipment, time is necessary and critical moments play an important role. How to achieve the usual premise of fewer power generation units, but also timely emergency power supply and safe and reliable operation, and the emergency power supply after the task is closed immediately can be completed. It requires a good maintenance knowledge of diesel generator sets.

Cummis generator set

Check the battery pack:
As a backup power source, diesel generators (Cummins generators) are not always in daily life. Normally put into use, start the generator, and battery maintenance is a key determining factor. If there is a battery problem, there will be a “Is there current or voltage” fault. In this case, you can hear the electromagnetic pull of the starter motor, but there is no transmission shaft. Battery problems can cause downtime because of the way the tester is used, stopping charging the battery and causing the battery to run low. At the same time, using a belt-driven mechanical pump, the fuel pump has a great rated speed, but the valve is closed in the spring. Insufficient battery power will cause shutdown due to insufficient suction solenoid valves that cannot be sealed from the four nozzle holes, and thus will not shut down. Another situation that may be overlooked is that the domestic battery life is short, about two years or so, if it is forgotten, it will be replaced regularly.

Check start solenoid valve:
When the generator is running, you can see, hear, touch, and check the smell of the unit when running. After listening to the starting method of the original Cummins generator, for example, press the start button for three seconds and you can start. During the three seconds of the startup process, two clicks can be heard under normal circumstances. If it is only to hear the first ring and the second ring, you need to check that the start solenoid valve is working properly.

Manage diesel and lubricants:
For the long-term of a static diesel generator set, the unit itself will be various materials and petroleum, cooling water, diesel, air, after complex chemical and physical changes, this will have hidden units, but sustained damage. We can manage diesel generators and lubricants for maintenance.
Please pay attention to the location of diesel storage: diesel tanks should be placed in a closed room. On the one hand, it is a consideration of the fire safety system. On the other hand, diesel fuel will not deteriorate. Due to the change of the condensation temperature, due to the water vapor in the air, the condensed water droplets will hang together and connect to the tank wall. If the diesel oil, the diesel fuel flows into it will cause excessive moisture, and the diesel engine high pressure fuel pump with excessive moisture content will gradually Rusty unit components, precision couplings and other anti-corrosion performance will have a major impact, if it will damage the entire unit will be seriously affected.

Post time: Sep-21-2020