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QY Ⅱ Type Hydraulic Drilling Jar

      QYⅡType Hydraulic Drilling Jar  is a tool for unlocking when downhole drilling tool is stuck. The tool combines upper and lower hits, and adopts a cone structure to make the delay of the tool more stable and the performance more reliable. The delay function of QYⅡType Hydraulic Drilling Jar can fully stretch the drill string and store energy before the shock is released, so as to achieve the best shock effect. When the downhole drill is stuck, it can be operated through the well The QYⅡType Hydraulic Drilling Jar can provide a huge impact force to achieve the purpose of unlocking, so as to quickly resume normal drilling operations.

      When the QYⅡType Hydraulic Drilling Jar is used downhole, the operator only needs to lift or lower the drilling tool on the ground to release the upward or downward impact force, and can freely adjust the shock within the allowable range. The size of the impact. The tool has reliable performance, simple and convenient operation, and can be widely used in a variety of downhole operations such as drilling, coring, salvage and workover.

Working Principle:
The working principle of upstrike: By lifting the drill string, an upward pulling force is applied to the mandrel. The mandrel drives the upper cone to move inside the upper liquid cylinder. The oil chamber begins to become smaller as the upper cone moves, and the hydraulic oil in the chamber begins. Compressed pressure (ie energy storage). When the upper cone moves upward to a certain stroke, the hydraulic oil in the cavity is suddenly released and unloaded to form an upward shock force.
Working principle of downstrike: Similar to the working principle of upstrike, energy is stored by lowering the drill string to apply pressure to the mandrel. The lower cone moves downward in the lower cylinder. When the energy is stored to a certain level, it will be released instantly. Strike force.

QYⅡ Type Hydraulic Drilling Jar

Post time: Jun-29-2020