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The role of the manifold

The role of choke manifold:

(1) Realize “soft shut-in” through the “diversion” of the choke manifold.

(2) The “throttle” function of the throttle valve is used to perform well killing operations.

(3) The blowout valve can reduce the wellhead casing pressure and protect the wellhead blowout preventer               group.

working principle:

One end of the equipment is connected with the flange on the four-way side of the BOP. When the BOP is closed, a certain casing pressure can be controlled by opening and closing the throttle valve, so as to ensure balanced drilling under the minimum pressure difference. In addition, the choke manifold can also be used for well flushing.

Choke manifold

The role of kill manifold:

(1) When the well is shut in with the fully enclosed gate, the weighting fluid is forcibly pumped into the well through the kill manifold to realize the kill operation;
(2) When a blowout occurs, clean water is forcibly pumped into the well through the kill manifold to prevent combustion and fire;
(3) In the event of blowout and fire, forcibly pump the fire-extinguishing agent into the well through the kill manifold to help extinguish the fire.

working principle:

When the drilling fluid cannot circulate normally, the kill manifold can be connected to a high-pressure pump, and the drilling fluid can be pumped into the well through the check valve; in the empty well state, when the well is closed with a fully-sealed ram, it can pass through the kill manifold Pour kill drilling fluid into the well to kill the well.

Kill manifold

Post time: Oct-10-2020