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Fracturing Manifold

Short Description:

On the premise of ensuring mechanical properties, optimize critcal dimension and reduce the weight of the fracturing manifold; optimize material of body and increase the internal diameter of the fracturing manifold elements. Special process for elbow inner surface improves inner core strength and the outer core ductility; floating seal plug valve with split stem and cock makes reliable sealing and long service life.

Product Detail

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Main Technical Features

  • The pipe are treated with self tightening technology to make the internal side of the pipe bears compression prevent the fatigue crack from expanding.
  • Increase the internal diameter of the pipe fittings to reduce weight and adapt to large displacement operation.
  • Lateral tees and T-tees are adopted with integral forging process to achieve high strength and long service life
  • The internal surface of lateral tees and T-tees adopt shot blasting technology, achieved higher anti-fatigue strengthening factor and surface anti-scour ability.
  • Chiksan adopt ladder roller path design, increase thickness and rotation flexibility of the hinged area.
  • Plug valve is designed with floating valve core bi-directional sealing, which makes balanced loading on sealing arcs and small torque.
  • The fracturing manifold is designed with eight annular inlets which reduces the volume of manifold assembly, and features convenient transportation and quick operation.

 Main Performance Data

Temperature Class (℃)


Working Pressure(MPa)


Working Medium

Fracturing fluid、fracturing sand、liquid CO、N


Fracturing Manifold 1 Fracturing Manifold 2 Fracturing Manifold 3 Fracturing Manifold 4 

Fracturing Manifold 5 Fracturing Manifold 6 Fracturing Manifold 7 Fracturing Manifold 8


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